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Although our firm takes pride in representing women and men involved in family law disputes, this post is directed at unmarried fathers in Florida, who are experiencing problems with time-sharing or access to their minor children.

I have recently completed writing an e-book regarding the legal issues concerning father’s parental rights in Florida, aimed at providing a practical guide for fathers who were never married to the child’s mother.  I decided to write this e-book because I continuously met with many fathers who did not understand Florida law and what they needed to do in order to establish their parental rights.   Most father are shocked when I explain to them that simply because they signed the birth certificate, they are not automatically entitled to parental rights.

A biological father, who is not married to the child’s mother, is not the child’s legal father under Florida law, until he obtains a court order signed by a Circuit Court judge making a determination that the father is the biological and legal father of the minor child.   By starting a case in family court, an unmarried father will ensure that his parental rights are protected and respected by the child’s mother.  In addition, establishing a written parenting plan with significant overnights also helps fathers reduce their child support obligation.

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By: Odalys Sanchez Elkins, Esq.