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The divorce process takes time, especially if spouses disagree on every issue and require multiple court hearings.  Naturally, minor children must be provided for during the divorce process and while some parents voluntarily provide child support to the other parent, many do not.   Unfortunately, parents who experienced betrayal and pain, take their frustrations and anger out on the other parent by withholding financial support.

A parent is able to obtain temporary relief during the divorce process, which starts by the filing of a motion for temporary child support.  The court will schedule a hearing to determine the amount of child support to be paid while the divorce process continues.  The child support amount will be calculated by using the Florida Child Support Guidelines, which includes the monthly income for each parent, the expense associated with the child’s health insurance and child care, and the amount of overnights the minor child has with each parent.

Also, the child support obligation will be calculated to apply retroactively.  This means that if the other parent did not pay support prior to going to court, he or she will owe retroactive child support.  Once the ongoing child support amount and the retroactive child support amount is calculated, the court will enter an Income Withholding Order to ensure it is paid on a regular basis.

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