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Many individuals understand that they should create their Will & Testament, but often procrastinate a bit and keep putting off that task for another day. It’s sometimes difficult to look forward towards our end of life, however, you can avoid many problems for your family if you leave a Will designating the beneficiaries and assigning your personal property, real property, cars, jewelry, funds in bank account, and any other asset that you may own.

Protect your family and your legacy by contacting Sanchez Elkins Law to prepare your Will & Testament in order to designate the person(s) who will be entitled to receive the assets which you worked hard to obtain.


Probate is the legal process which occurs once an individual becomes deceased in order to administer and distribute their estate (assets).  This legal process is required whether or not there is a Will, however, the process varies depending on the existence of a Will or not.  The Probate legal process requires judicial oversight by Probate Court and all debts of the deceased are paid first, then the estate (assets) are transferred to the beneficiaries.


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